Take Charge of Your Life
Let The Companion Do The Grunt Work For You
Introducing C9
Your exclusive and personal all-in-one Intelligent Assistant that manages and organizes your daily life just by talking to you.
For Busy Professionals and Planners
Let C9 Plans Your Day In A Second

C9 can quickly schedule meetings or events and save them in your companion calendar.

You can also ask C9 synchronize its calendar with your iOS or Android default calendar.

For Busy Parents and The Ones Who Never Want to Forget
Let C9 Make Your To-do lists

Let C9 memorize all your essential tasks and take all your notes, so you focus on what's important.

Ask C9 to take note of your favorite recipes, grocery lists, daily chores, school projects, work projects, workout logs and many more.

You can always run through your daily to-do's and categorize them however you like.

For The Health Fanatics
Let C9 Log & Calculate Your Calories

Whether you want to lose weight, get healthy, change your habits, or start a new diet, C9 got you covered.

Just say what you have been planning to eat, and C9 will automatically calculate the calories in your foods and recipes and groceries.

C9 will also provide nutrition facts such as protein, sugar, fats, and more.


For The Fun Enthusiasts
Let C9 Change Your Mood

Ever wanted a fun, casual, and entertaining conversation to change your mood? C9 is here for you. The Sassy robot knows exactly what to say and when to say it, and is a great listener, making a perfect companion.