PDRVC is a cutting-edge AI company with a focus on Semantic Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Our patent-pending, voice-enabled Semantic NLP solution, is the only legitimate Semantic technology available for enterprises.

Film/TV Production

Use our architecture to:
  • Generate content
  • Write scripts
  • Manage media assets
  • Classify content contextually
  • Monitor your brand reputation

  • Game Character & Story Building

    With Our Patent Pending Eco system You Can:
  • Auto-generate character back-stories
  • Auto-Generate game stories
  • Make every game scenario unique and auto generated
  • Make your games voice enabled to give verbal commands

  • Retail & commerce

    With Our Technology:
  • Get to know your current and future consumers
  • Find what people are saying about your products
  • Manage your marketing campaign
  • Offer 24/7 customer support
  • Offer your shoppers a semantic search and exact recommendation of your products

  • Search & Recommendation Engines

    With Our Patent Pending Semantic NLP:
  • Upgrade form keyword to description search
  • Find products/content based on contextual data and description
  • Recommend semantically related products or contents

  • Conversational AI

    Our Patent Pending Voice-Enabled Conversational AI:
  • Has NO need of scripting or training
  • Can answer questions from any available information abut your brand or business
  • Is not Grammar dependent
  • Can understand conversation tone, topic, nuances, sentiment, sarcasm, emotional states and communicate accordingly